The EDF network aims at presenting a dynamic forum for European cooperation devoted to the exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of design.

Through the programme of its activities, the EDF network wants to extend research and knowledge in the field of contemporary design in Europe as well as develop close connections with design centers, museums, schools and academies, taking into account the evolution of design at a professional, educational, cultural, economic and societal level.
Moreover, the EDF looks forward to underlining the innovative character of design in Europe corresponding to a contemporary way of thinking. Design is envisaged in relationship to management, communication, education, museography, and culture.
The EDF will also pursue a critical reflection on European design today in order to raise awareness on the issues related to this matter and on the possible solutions to be implemented.


Workshops 2002-2004
on key topics such as Design Management (Brussels), Design and Communication (Essen), Design and Education (Glasgow), Design for Business and History (Helsinki)

Final Symposium 2005
“Design in Progress in Europe, from a management’s, communicational, educational and cultural point of view”

Proceedings of the workshops and a critical survey of today’s issues in european design

information on the network, as well as on the contents and results of the workshops.
The website is the portal of EDF and EDN (European Design Network).




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