Ghent Design museum

100 years - 100 people - 100 objects
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Until 29 February 2004

The Ghent Design museum celebrates its 100th anniversary with the exhibition ‘100 years – 100 people – 100 objects’. Only a small part of the exhibition is retrospective. Pictures, exhibition posters and official documents illustrate the museum’s history. Yet, this history isn’t finished. The museum looks forward to the next phase of the planned renovations: a new reception desk, a library, more exhibition space … The idea of the unfinished is worked out in the display of the exhibition. Empty boxes, ribbons imprinted with the message ‘fragile’, ladders … refer to a show under construction. 100 people who were associated with the museum through the years were invited to make a choice from the museum’s collection: designers, ex-employees, policymakers, suppliers, teachers, children who participated in a workshop, journalists, members of the board, foreign contacts … ‘100 years – 100 people – 100 objects’ is also their exhibition. The selection is an interesting overview from art nouveau objects to recent products in the newest materials. You can see a train compartment by Henry van de Velde or an impressive glass veranda in art nouveau style, furniture by Huib Hoste or Gaston Eysselinck, the “Panton chair” by Verner Panton, the “Ziplite” backpack for Samsonite by Erik Sijmons, a condom holder designed by Nedda El-Asmar, and much more.

Desk chair, 1931-1932
by Gaston Eysselinck
steel, wood
produced by Fratska
picture: Claerhout nv


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