New concepts of the Myth

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In total, some 100 students of the Instituto Europeo di Design, Turin (I), Coventry University – School of Art and Design, Coventry (GB), Tokyo Communication Arts School, Tokyo (J), and the Center of Creative Studies, Detroit (USA) took part in the competition. The “New Concepts of the Myth” competition was organised by Ferrari together with their regular designer Pininfarina and was supported by the aluminium producer Alcoa, who supplies Ferrari. Besides constructing a model at a scale of 1:4, the conditions of participation included the task of creating a design fulfilling specific demands. The designs had to be innovative, creative and fresh on the one hand, while on the other hand taking into account aspects of practical realisation. The dimensions of the latest V8 mid engine and V12 front engine sports cars served as a basis for proportions and measurements for the students.

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