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Design Flanders, a partner in this Composites-on-Tour-2 Team, shall co-ordinate, develop and launch the International Composites Design Competition for professional designers in cooperation with the other partners.

In this design competition, composites shall be limited to fibre-reinforced polymers (or fibre-reinforced plastics, or FRP’s), and in the following articles the term “composites” shall be understood to mean “fibre-reinforced polymers”!

The competition shall focus on consumer goods that exploit composite materials in an excellent and exemplary way. This means that the entries must use the material intelligently and should be both technically and “non-technically” innovative. The deadline for registration is 15 June 2006; the deadline for submission is 6 September 2006. The competition shall be open to all professional designers, groups or individuals, whether independent or internal to the firms, provided they are authorized by these firms. Each participant shall be allowed to present three projects.

The jury shall grant two awards and make a further selection of products that will be shown first in the Design Flanders Gallery in the heart of Brussels.

The members of the jury shall be: Ron Arad, designer (UK), Adriaan Beukers, prof. of composites at Delft University of Technology (NL), Stefano Casciani, editorial consultant Domus (IT), Ignazio Crivelli-Visconti, prof. of composites at University of Naples (IT), Jure Miklavc, designer (SI), Carmen Rubio Palau, designer at Seat (ES), Philippe Picaud, design director at Decathlon (FR), Hans Robertus, senior studio designer at Philips Design (NL) Johan Valcke, chairman of the jury, director of Design Flanders (BE), Ignaas Verpoest, prof. of composites at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE) co-ordinator of the Composites-on-Tour-2 project. József Zalavári, designer (HU)

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