International Workshop on Design Support

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The two-day programme will include presentations from practitioners and researchers, as well as dedicated time for interviews and facilitated discussions. In order to ensure an informal environment that will encourage debate and close networking, participant numbers will be limited.

IWDS 2006 will emphasise creative practice in design support and promotion schemes, new concepts within this field and emerging demands. It will present strategic plans from countries which have successfully integrated their design strategies into their core activities for economic development.

IWDS 2006 will also discuss the contribution of different design support schemes to the development of countries and the scope of this contribution (economic/social/cultural). This topic will also progress towards the development of measurement tools for the objective assessment of investment in design support programmes. We aim to create a provocative debate about the practice of design support based on experiences and studies presented from different countries around the world.

Although IWDS 2006 is open to all, it is aimed primarily at:

Representatives from design organisations and initiatives for the promotion of design and innovation, especially those focused on working within the SME sector.
Representatives of government and public bodies interested in design policies for social and economic development.
Design researchers and professionals interested in learning from and sharing knowledge with other participants, creating a network of individuals deeply interested in the practice of design support.

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