Czech Design 1990 - 2005

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The 1990s witnessed, with the process of privatisation and restructuring, a great many changes not only in the field of property rights, but also in technological and material development, and in design in general.

For some companies, these changes represented a loss of the Eastern European market, leading to a considerable drop in their production. They had a very difficult time surviving. On the other hand, other companies saw these changes as an opportunity to export their products to countries that had been off-limits before. Many companies went bankrupt, and new ones were set up. The latter attempted to keep up with the developments of the era by introducing a new or realigned range of products. Design was analysed from all angles, but it turned out to be a very difficult task to actually put high-quality design objects into production.

Talented designers were forced to cut their links with industry and instead opted to produce their own designs, including tailor-made objects and commissioned items. Despite all this, some splendid - and often unique - products were designed during this period. The Design Centre of the Czech Republic was responsible for the launch and promotion of many of these designs.

Dagmar Koudelková
Exhibition Curator

The exhibition runs until 14 May 2006 in the gallery of Design Flanders (Kanselarijstraat 19, 1000 Brussels). For more information, please visit


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