APCI conference "Challenges of design promotion in Europe" in Paris

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The programme is divided in four half days, the first two will concentrate on design promotion issues. Tools for assessing the economical impact of design will be presented, as well as the first results gathered in different European countries. A conclusive summary of national and recent design support actions will be presented as starting points for a larger discussion.

The second day will examine the links between design and innovation. Innovation -in a broad sense- driven by “users” provides opportunities in the industry and services, even in sectors that are not driven by high technology. The economical impact of user-driven innovation will be presented. User centred design approaches will be highlighted. A representative of the European Commission will also discuss the approaches to innovation/design support within EU policies. The afternoon will offer an opportunity to discuss the use of design in the city. How can creative industries boost the economy and the image of a city, but also reinforce citizen’s commitment to future development?

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