Art Nouveau & Design 1830-1958

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First of all, this exhibition is a way of paying an unusual homage to the national decorative creativity. The decorative arts have a long tradition in Belgium. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, local decorative creation already enjoyed an excellent reputation across the whole of Europe. The appearance of Art Nouveau at the end of the 19th century enabled the country to revive this reputation and restore it prestigious standing on the international stage.
The celebration of the jubilee of Belgium required the choice of a prestigious theme for this exhibition. Accordingly, the evocation of Art Nouveau was a compelling choice for our team of scientists and will form the heart of our exhibition.

Secondly, the choice of this theme was quite naturally dictated by the nature of the collections conserved in the RMAH. In fact, the RMAH house a rich collection of decorative arts of Belgian Art Nouveau and the exhibition will be an opportunity not only to admire the masterpieces but also to discover a number of hidden treasures.
In addition, it was for the team of Art Nouveau and decorative arts specialists an opportunity to comprehend the movement from a new angle. In fact, in this exhibition, Art Nouveau is examined from an original viewpoint, namely apprehending its key place in the national decorative evolution, from the beginning of the 19th century up to the development of “Design” during the 20th century.

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