Denkmal 23, Part II by Jan De Cock

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You are invited to lunch in the installation Denkmal 23, Part II by Belgian artist Jan De Cock.

Jan De Cock’s Denkmal has not the look of a monument. It follows the same logic of his well-known former interventions which he calls ‘Denkmal’. These interventions are impressive three-dimensional installations and pay homage to the architecture they inhabit and to the modernist avant-garde. Laminated wood and fibreboard are spread out with fast rhythms in the interior space. The rigid volumes and compartments don’t follow an obvious plan. Often built on a low basement – indeed, Jan Decock’s installations are sculptures – they create corridors, platforms, modules, enclosures, gaps… Actually, they are big show-boxes putting the gaze in motion. There is no central viewpoint for analyzing the construction. Perspectives continuously change and prevent a clear insight. Spatial dimensions are being changed, visual features reflected. The interventions refer to the architecture they obscure and reveal. Thanks to this regained visibility, the architecture again shows singularity and functionality. Also Jan De Cock’s constructions can be used in a functional way. Cubic platforms become sitting areas, horizontal boards become tables, open boxes cupboards… Not only the gaze and the architectural space are set in motion by his sculptures, even our daily use of consumer products. We have to watch, to discover and to use these installations.

Jan De Cock (1976) lives and works in Brussels.
Selected solo shows: 2004: “Resto Denkmal 23 II”, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels; “Denkmal 4”, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf; “Denkmal 1a”, Luis Campaña Gallery Köln; “Denkmal 9”, Henry van de Velde University Library Ghent. 2003: “Denkmal 10”, De Appel Amsterdam; “Denkmal 3”, Kerstin Engholm Galerie Vienna. 2002: “Randschade/Collateral Damage Fig.7”, S.M.A.K. and Museum of Fine Arts Ghent.
Selected group shows: 2004: “Manifesta. European Biennial of Contemporary Art”, Donostia San Sebastian. 2003: “2. Biennale Tirana”, National Gallery of Arts Tirana; “Jeune Peinture Belge”, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels.


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