Design Flanders - The Henry van de Velde Awards

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The 11th anniversary of the Henry van de Velde Awards.

Axel Enthoven, and in his name the whole agency of Enthoven Associates (EADC), won the Award for Career, which once again honoured an industrial designer. EADC is currently the most successful, and the longest-standing design agency in Flanders. Their designs change our view of the world.

Tim Oeyen and Sanny Winters were the recipients of the Award for Young Talent. Tim Oeyen has worked for several years now as a graphic designer, initially as Art Director and now as a freelancer, for Weekend Knack. Tim Oeyen and Sanny Winters are brilliant designers who understand what a letter can represent visually.

Dark is the paradoxical name of a young but very dynamic lighting company that won the Award for a Company. Manager and inspiration, Marnick Smessaert, is a very enlightened, passionate person. Once he gets his teeth into a project, he refuses to let go, no matter how controversial it may be. The Son of Eddy by Davy Grosemans is a perfect example. It took months of work to perfect the product.

Silversmith Nedda El-Asmar won the Award for Best Product for her Pił service for Duni, a meal solution provider for business class air travel.

Once again the awards reflect a wide range of contemporary design. They are clear testimony to the enormous creativity of designers in Flanders.


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