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Announcement of jubilee “red dot award: product design 2005” competition
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Since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has annually held the red dot award: product design and has awarded prizes for excellent design achievements. This year, the international design competition celebrates its 50-year jubilee, which makes it one of the oldest and most renowned design competitions worldwide. As of now, designers and entrepreneurs can submit their products to the “red dot award: product design” competition. The registration period ends on 31 January 2005.

The beginnings of the red dot design award go back to the first selection of well-formed products in 1955 for the “Ständige Schau Industrieform” (‘Permanent Industrieform Exhibition’), a then novel consumer goods exhibition, which was designed as an “exemplary presentation with model character for industry and consumers”. Receiving a prize from the “Haus Industrieform”, as the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen was then named, has already in the early days been regarded as “ennoblement” in the design world. The industry’s interest to have their products certified as excellently designed has increased since. Today – 50 years later – the competition is run internationally and with last year’s 4,500 entries from 46 countries in the fields of product and communication design it is one of the largest and most well-known competitions worldwide.

Jury of design experts
The heart of the red dot design award is its jury, because it guarantees the independence, which is essential for the awards’ significance. Therefore, it is impossible for jurors to vote for their own products. The jury consists of international experts and changes every year.

Festive award ceremony and exhibition in the red dot design museum
The festive presentation of prizes for all winners of the red dot award: product design 2005 will take place in the Essen Aalto Theatre on 4 July 2005. All prize-winning works will be exhibited for at least one year in the red dot design museum on the premises of the Zollverein colliery, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The special exhibition of the prize-winners will take place from 5 July to 7 August 2005.

Competition details
Eligible are: Manufacturers and designers, whose products have been industrially manufactured and introduced to the market within the last two years

End of registration
period: 31 January 2005

Registration fee:
Euro 180 including VAT

Early bird discount:
until 6 December 2004 (15 % of the registration fee)

Presentation of prizes: 4 July 2005

Special exhibition: 5 July to 7 August 2005

Further information and registration forms:
Internet: (under “product design”)
Telephone: +49 (0)201 30 10 4-42

Europe-wide registered design protection
On request, the Design Zentrum registers the products entered into the competition with the European ‘Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market’ for the Europe-wide registered design protection. Thus, the trademark rights can be protected in a total of 25 countries and the design innovation can be guarded from imitation and plagiarism. This registration can be made independent from an award. The advantage of the registration lies in the inexpensive service: It includes the total registration process and the consultation with a renowned legal practice.


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