Alvar Aalto - Master of Finnish Functionalism

Design Museum Helsinki
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June 11 - September 26, 2004

This year's summer exhibition at Design Museum is entitled 'Alvar Aalto - Master of Finnish Functionalism'. This major showing features Alvar Aalto, one of the most significant designers of the 20th century. It will focus on aspects that have not been presented in most exhibitions on Aalto. On show will be Aalto's early works, jewellery designs and paintings, among other exhibits.

Although Alvar Aalto was without doubt one of the most important designers of the 20th century, there has been no comprehensive exhibition on his professional career as a designer. The coming major showing at Design Museum will focus on Aalto the designer, illustrating a human approach that influenced the design world and its aesthetical ideals in the 1930s, leaving a permanent and explicitly Finnish mark on it. The exhibition will also contain less-known works by Alvar Aalto in both design and art. The abundant language of form of his early furniture designs differs markedly from his minimalist classics of the 1930s that emerged together with his technical innovations, such as curved wood, and were to change the history of design permanently. Aalto was also a gifted painter and visual artist, but most of his art remains unknown to the public.

The exhibition presents the designer through his furniture designs, paintings and jewellery as well as his own thoughts and ideas. The exhibition will also feature Aino Marsio-Aalto, Elissa Aalto and Maija Heikinheimo alongside Alvar Aalto. The showing will be an extensive and detailed overview of Alvar Aalto's oeuvre and the creative atmosphere that surrounded him. The exhibition is produced by Design Museum in association with the Alvar Aalto Foundation and the Alvar Aalto Museum.
Kimmo Sarje, PhD. will state his comment on Alvar Aaltos design in his part of the exhibition called "Alvar Aalto Recycled". Sarje participates in the project in three roles: as an artist, writer and member of the exhibition committee.


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