Peter Eisenman - The garden of lost footsteps

Installation at the Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona
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The garden of lost footsteps by Peter Eisenman will be inaugurated at the Museo di Castelvecchio of Verona on 26th June 2004. The event will introduce Eisenman’s participation at the Ninth International Architecture Biennial of Venice, of which exhibition the work is a part.
The initiative is promoted by the Verona City Authority, the Cultural department and the Museum Management with the collaboration of the Association of Young Veronese Architects.

The important event is part of the Museo di Castelvecchio’s by now established tradition of supporting contemporary architecture and design, from the Carlo Scarpa and the Luigi Caccia Dominioni exhibitions to participation in the “European Design Forum”(EDF).

The Exhibition at Verona is a first showing in Italy of Peter Eisenman’s work conceived for specific places. The Castelvecchio installation came out of the American architect’s interest in the operative processes of some of the masters of twentieth century architecture in relation to places of historical significance, and where this history consists of an interweaving of events strata and different epochs.

The work has been established in the garden of the Museo di Castelvecchio, on the lawn in front of the castle’s inner façade. Five squares have been dug that correspond in plan to the rooms of the lower Gallery of the Scaliger castle. These five squares are up to 20 centimetres in depth and lined with steel plate. On a sliding axis above these are variously sloping volumes, also made of steel, that contain flooring that echoes that inside the Gallery, i.e. smooth concrete alternating with “striations” of white Lessinia stone. The surrounding dunes of organic terrain, internally formed with metal structures that soften its outline, are up to about 1.20 metres in height and surfaced with rolls of turf.


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