Premsela, Dutch design foundation and De Vleeshal present

April 3 - May 31, 2004
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Often, we view design in terms of progress. We tend to think of new products as improvements over their predecessors. But, today, we're seeing a different breed of products. Instead of innovating in the traditional sense, many designers are creating a seemingly endless stream of "alternatives". Next year's coat and last year's coat, next year's chair and last year's chair rest side by side, more like variations on a theme than an evolutionary statement.

Given this trend, our interpretation of design is due for revision. Alternate refrains from promoting a single point of view. Rather, the exhibition poses open-ended questions: Are designers now creating "better" products - or are they merely producing alternatives that fail to improve on traditional versions? What cultural and economic value may these "alternate" products have? What is the difference between computer-generated products and those conceived by designers? Could there be parallels between the creation of new products and the natural process of evolution?

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The Alternate lecture series is forthcoming.


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