ICSID: new board, new staff, and a new location

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The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) held its first official board meeting since the election of the new board. Luigi Ferrara (Canada), ICSID President, and Peter Zec (Germany), ICSID President-Elect, met with the other board members at the red dot design museum of the Design Zentrum NRW, Germany, on January 17-18.
The board approved major changes in the ICSID activities: new focus on education and professional projects, and reorganization of the ICSID Secretariat with the appointment of a new Secretary General, Ms. Dilki de Silva.

The end of 2003 has been a turning point for ICSID: new board, new staff, and a new location. The board meeting held in Essen, Germany, gathered the 11 newly elected board members, coming from all over the world (South Africa, South America, Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden & Canada) to define ICSID strategy and plan of action for the coming two years.

Ambitious projects targeting design education, design professionals and companies ICSID's President Luigi Ferrara won unanimous support from his board members to establish a clear work plan to move ICSID forward with a clear focus - Design education and Professional activities. The projects launched by the board, will improve global appreciation and use of design as an education and business tool. A strong focus will therefore also be given to corporate participation in ICSID, with projects including regular meetings and conferences of corporate chief designers from all over the world. The new projects include a World Education Network, a World Design Report and a World Design Charter.

World Educational Network:
This project will develop the criteria for an international ranking of design curricula and comprehensive information resources on design education worldwide for both education institutions and the larger public.

World Design Report:
With this unique publication, ICSID will offer the world design community a reference book on the national and regional best practices.

World Design Charter:
ICSID will invite a think-tank of major designers and scientists to pool their brain power and know-how on the role and importance of design and gather it in a milestone publication. This publication will be a declaration of fundamental principles of using design to build a global society in the 21st century.

New location - New staff
Accompanying the new projects, the board welcomed the new ICSID Secretary General Ms. Dilki de Silva, who is based in Canada. It confirmed the move of the ICSID administrative office from Helsinki, Finland to Essen, Germany, where it will be hosted by the Design Zentrum NRW. This is an interim structure until ICSID and ICOGRADA pick the host city for their collaborative offices and form IDA, the International Design Alliance.

Background information about ICSID
The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design was established in 1957 to advance the discipline of industrial design at the international level. Members of ICSID are education institutions, promotional organizations, professional associations and corporations, which prove their commitment to design and promote the development of the design ideas worldwide. They find in ICSID a comprehensive international network and platform to exchange, challenge each other and collaborate. As the representing body of the world design community, ICSID supports and highlights design as a valuable tool to serve sustainable development as well as other key issues discussed in international forums, especially UN agencies. This requires collaboration with individuals, governments, NGOs, companies and organizations, in order to guarantee and strengthen the presence of design at all level. The ICSID Executive board is elected every two years by the ICSID General Assembly, to manage ICSID for a two-year term. The board consists of 11 prominent design ambassadors representing global interests. The present board consists of Luigi Ferrara (Canada) - President, Peter Zec (Germany) - President-Elect, Gianfranco Zaccai (USA) - Treasurer, Mark Breitenberg (USA), Robin Edman (Sweden), Carlos Hinrichsen (Chile), Giuliano Molineri (Italy), George Teodorescu (Germany), Michael Thomson (UK), Jamaluddin Tukimin (Malaysia), Adrienne Viljoen (South Africa).

ICSID Office
P.O. Box 10 08 20
D-45 008 Essen

Tel: +49 201 30 10 4-20
Fax: +49 201 30 10 4-40

Foto: The board of ICSID and employees of the Design Zentrums at the red dot design museum


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