Who's Who in Design, Volume 2

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The latest compendium of international design is now being delivered. All contributions to this publication are simultaneously being presented online at
What is going on in international design? Which designers and design studios are in the lead – and why? What distinguishes product design, communication design and interior design? What makes for good design? The reference work “Who’s Who in Design, Volume 2” provides answers to these and further questions.

High-achieving designers and design companies on an international level are presented with selected examples of their works and projects, ordered into the fields of product design, communication design and interior design. In this way, the book structures the entire design scene and provides a representative overview of international events in the design world and industry.

Deyan Sudjic (editor of the professional journal domus, Italy), Naoto Fukasawa (product designer, Japan) and Stefan Ytterborn (communication designer, Sweden) comment on their personal view of design in introductory essays.

Further articles by Norbert Hammer (education and training), Martin Schlötelburg (pan-European legal protection) and Achim Herbertz (protection of intellectual property) supply valuable information for professional practice. The service section is rounded off by lists of professional associations, educational institutions, museums, collections, competitions, magazines, and recommended literature.

“Who’s Who in Design, Volume 2” is an excellent guide for all those who rely on design as a success factor and invest in good design. It is an indispensable work of reference for all entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, agencies, journalists and young professionals interested in design.


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