Easy Rider (2002) by Danny Venlet

relax office for BULO
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‘Easy Rider’ (2002), the new piece of furniture, which Danny Venlet designed on demand of Bulo, is a chair-and-table on wheels. “When it is used as mobile office furniture, it facilitates a relaxed atmosphere. Instead of an easy bench with coffee table and adapted carpet, the director and his or her invitees are sitting in chairs which can be driven closer or farther from each other during the conversation. ‘Easy Rider’ strengthens consciously this social interaction.” This piece of furniture can be discovered in several ways. It can be used as a worktable which isn’t assigned to one person but which is temporarily appropriated in open offices, conference rooms, shop lobbies or waiting rooms. People can also use the ‘Easy Rider’ at home. Relaxing with outstretched arms, quietly reading or whatever. Rolled against each other, they make up a table for everyone to lean over (or to work very hard in contrast). Via these playing possibilities, Danny Venlet tries to achieve a lot of things with little means.


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