Melting Design from Melting Pop

Gianluca Marziani

MELTING identifies fusion.

MELTING POT has to do with simmering, the mixing of contamination verifiable in a determined entity.

POP brings us back to the sense of communication, to the synthesis of a dynamic use of language, to empathic rapport with diffused cultures.

MELTING POP is the multiform synthesis of a communication disposition of linguistic fusions.

MELTING POP is a combination of visual art and other creative languages.

MELTING POP was the title of a book I published in 2001. In its chapters, I talked about the flow of useful starting points to exemplify the idea of linguistic combinations. I did not fall into any theoretical excess, I avoided all philosophical citations and I chose to work in the field. Thousands of creative ideas intersected in a digressing geography, showing how the theory of a trend could be explicated on the terrain of real examples.

MELTING POP is the title of exhibition project which, picking up where the book left off, is distributed among various linguistic combinations. We will see the artist interface with many diffuse and influential creative languages. We will discover dozens of names that reflect the elastic principles of Melting Pop, its complex identity, its indefinable, muddled, ever more transversal mechanism.

MELTING POP will go on to other international museums.

MELTING POP is a formula for specific exhibitions in private galleries. For every exhibition I chose a single section, like Melting Music, Melting Chair, Melting Cinema…

MELTING POP is a brand of discussion, a tank of multicultural ideas, a multicoloured flag for a vision of contemporary world.

MELTING POP, now, is a conference about design, especially about relations between art, industrial and handicraft design.

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Design Management
VIZO Workshop

“Design makes the Difference”
Brussels, Belgium - 29/30 November 2002

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