Design and Communication
Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

'Emerging Paradigm: Design and Change
Inventing New Forms of Experience and Communication'

Essen, 15-16 May 2003

The aim of the conference was to find new, efficient forms of communication processes for portraying a company's image as well as its products, because today's production processes and management methods need new types of support.

Reforms of communication processes

The economy during the final two decades of the 20th century was characterised by enormous restructuring in the area of industrial production. However, to a great extent reforms to communication and learning processes were entirely disregarded.

Dirk Baecker, currently the most recognised sociologist in Germany, rejects the concept of communication as a process of transferring information. He instead describes communication with the metaphor "doing things together". This shift in the meaning of the term 'communication' is a suitable translation of the transformed desires and needs of society and the economy with regard to how it is supposed to communicate in the new century.

Beyond advertising

High-tech products are produced in identical, nameless factories. In order to be clearly differentiated, products rely on various brands. If the success of advertising as an integrative and identity-giving medium for brands and products is in decline, the question rightfully arises, "what then happens after advertising?"

Production and Experience

The communication processes need to be dynamic and created in order to be able to communicate product quality and thus effectively influence corporate success. Increasingly, traditional advertising takes place only on the sidelines. The production and design of the processes of communication require a new form in order to be received and experienced.

Keynote Speech

- Prof. Vilim Vasate, Düsseldorf, Germany

            Designing Humanity

Image-building Strategies for Competitive Companies

- Harry Rich, Design Council, London, Great-Britain

            Image or Illusion

- Brian Switzer, Envision+, Bühlertal, Germany

            Mobile Collaborative Working

Design for Globalisation and a Mobile World

- Prof. Francis Smets, Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium

            About Happiness

- Prof. Tönis Käo, University Wuppertal, Germany

            How the Globalisation Machine is Designed

Beyond Advertising

- Thomas Elser, Bruce B. GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

            After Advertising is Before Advertising

- Knut Meierhofer, KMS, Munich, Germany

              In-depth Design

- Prof. Wilfried Korfmacher, University of Applied Science, Düsseldorf, Germany

            Missing Links – Deconstructing Creativity in Communication


Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen
“Design and Communication”
Essen, Germany - 15/16 May 2003

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