Design and Education
The Lighthouse Workshop
'Bridging concepts:
developing the interface between design education and industry'

Glasgow, 13-14 October 2003

Improving the Interface
More than ever before, in the new knowledge driven economy, the interconnection between education, research, creativity, innovation and economic success demands new ideas and models. Because of the rapid and exponential growth in the Creative Industries and the convergence of new technologies and the difficulty of education in catching up, the interface between the worlds of design education and business needs radical attention. New ideas are needed to bridge the gap.

Diversity and Confusion

The aim of this conference is to examine this interface and to bring forward and share a variety of interesting European case .studies. It is predicated on the proposition that diversity is the key to innovation and the generation of new ideas. At the same time the very diversity of design activity and endeavour, and the rise of open-ended descriptions like Creative Industries, can lead to confusion in both the education and design industry sectors.

A New Narrative

In the above context, therefore, this conference will look at higher education industry liaison, research, continuous professional development for designers, industry-led research, models of collaboration, cross-disciplinary fertilisation, incubation, new modes of delivery and accreditation. It will seek to triangulate much needed dialogue between design educators, designers and clients, and so create a new narrative.

New Paradigms for the Real World Research
Session will be moderated by
Professor Seona Reid,
Director of Glasgow School of Art 

Welcome and Introduction
Dr Stuart MacDonald, Director,
The Lighthouse, Scotland's National Centre for Architecture, Design and the City,
Glasgow, Scotland

Learning New Languages:
the value of industry-based research in a post-graduate design curriculum

Professor Naomi Gornich
Founder Director, MA Design, Strategy and Innovation,

Brunel University, West London

Rebellion of Instincts - doctoral studies in design and architecture
Professor Anna-Maija Ylimaula,
Director of the Future Home Institute,
University of Art and Design (UIAH)
Helsinki, Finland

Business's Expectations of Design Research
Gillian Crampton Smith
Interaction Institute,

Ivera, Italy

A designer's approach towards project based research in cooperation with industry
Professor Chris Baelus and
Professor Guide De Grande
Department of Design Sciences,
Antwerp, Belgium

Education/Industry Liaison
Session will be moderated by
Janice Kirkpatrick,
Director of Graven Images

The Prince, The Priest and the Artist
Norman McNally, Head of Product Design,
Glasgow School of Art and

Michael Thomson, Consultant,

Design Connect

Supported Students - Projects in the Area of Industrial Automation Focussing on Motion
Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Axel Thallemer,

Abteilung KC-CI, Corporate Design,

Festo AG & Co. KG

Business's Expectation of Design Research
Clive Grinyer,
Business Development Manager, Orange

Business's Infinities with Design Research
Carol Strohecker, Director,
Everyday Learning group
Media Lab Europe, Dublin

Working together: bridging the gap between design education and practice
Lesley Morris, Design Learning Manager,
Design and Innovation Team,
Design Council, London

The Lighthouse as the hub for the Creative Industries
Dr Stuart MacDonald, Director,
The Lighthouse, Scotland's National Centre for Architecture, Design and the City,
Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 13th-14th October 2003
Location: The Lighthouse, Scotland's Centre for Architecture, Design and the City, Glasgow, Scotland

Fee: This event is free.

Registration: To register your place at this event or to find out more information regarding the conference please contact
Andrea Dixon
The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow G1 3NU
T. 0141 225 8424
F. 0141 221 6395

Please register for this conference by Friday 03 October 03


Design and Education
“Design and Education”
Glasgow, Scotland - 13/14 October 2003

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