Design Management
VIZO Workshop
‘Design makes the Difference’

Brussels, 29-30 November 2002

Design is a critical success factor for a company and clearly offers added value. Design produces stronger brand recognition, greater profit margin, or faster growth.
Product development and design provide differentiation and added value. Design adds that little difference to which the client - faced with an over-abundance of consumer goods - feels attracted.
Design also gives a company another culture that is synonymous with educated risk-taking, forward thinking, collaboration with many kinds of people - in short, a culture in which people dare to leave the well-trodden paths.

This international workshop invited managers who wanted to know more about design implementation in their company. The presentations of five companies with their designers, representing a variety of sectors, concerned different aspects or points of view. Two lectures contributed to a more general view.

The five duos were:
- Kari Kallonen, Managing Director of Orthex Ab, Finland and Arni Aromaa, industrial designer, M.A., Pentagon Design, Finland about Design adds value to everyday plastic consumer products
- Andrew Harrold, Director of Harrold Contemporary Furniture, UK and Katty Barac, designer, One Foot Taller, UK about The Chasm Chair Project
- Jürgen Merschmann, Engineering and Brand Management, MABEG, Germany about The project P.O.C.
- Luc Vannevel, Director of Verfaillie – Juventa, Belgium and Roel Vandebeek, designer, Beekdesign, Belgium and Peter Van Riet, designer, Product Projects, Belgium about Design is my lifetime experience
- Seppo Kaikkonen, Vice Managing Director, Helkama Forste, Finland and Eljas Perheentupa, designer, LinjaDesign, Finland about Domestic appliance product family

The two lectures:
- Prof. Tom Inns, Head of School of Design, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK about The tangible and intangible impact of design activity on business
- Prof. Paola Bertola, Faculty of Design at Politecnico of Milano, Italy about Design Knowlegde Management. Design as a knowledge source supporting product innovation


Design Management
VIZO Workshop

“Design makes the Difference”
Brussels, Belgium - 29/30 November 2002

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